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Who picks the movies on the Bus?

We've been travelling now for some 7 months and we've definately had our fair share of bus trips - from the horrendous to the surprisingly pleasant.

We've been on 20 hr bus journeys and 5 hr bus journeys that have ended up 20 hr bus journeys. We've sat with our luggage on our laps, stuffed it under the bus and thrown it on top of the bus. We've had to put up with dirty old men scratching, sniffing, farting, smoking and snoring. We've had loud music, soft music. We've been frozen to death by gusts of freezing cold air-con that cannot be turned off or down or away from you and we've been locked in a smelly pit of a bus in the mid summers day heat with no ventilation whatsoever. We've been lost more than a few times, gotten off at the wrong stops or jumped on the complete wrong bus...

But the most disturbing fact is that whether or not you are shoved into a cramped up shoe box of a space or reclining in somewhat luxury you are without doubt assured of 1 thing on a bus... The movies are KAK!

If you are "lucky" enough to have a functioning tv on board - there will be without doubt the most disturbing, gruesome movie blasted out in some uncomprehensible language so loudly that you will not be able to escape the shrills and shrieks of the poor unsuspecting actors on screen who are being chased by some grotesque, bloodthirsty vampires or the like creatures who will by the end of the movie have raped, pillaged and killed most of the normal people but eventually will die in a bloody pool gargling their own lungs with a spear sticking out their throat... and this is supposed to be our happy ending!

I tell you - not that I am against a good thriller or something, but I just wonder how the selection process works when most of the places we travel to or from have access to all the latest ripped dvd's etc. - the choices are endless. Whats wrong with a nice little lighthearted movie where everyone laughs and the school nerd ends up with the prom queen? No, instead we get a bunch of poor unsuspecting travellers getting chased around a dessert full of deformed cannibals intent on making them dinner.

Its not as if most of the time the bus journey itself isn't terrifying enough, they have to throw in something that will most definately keep you wide awake and flinching every time a light flashes past you.

Please some romantic comedies - just once in a while...pleeez???

Posted by doubledrtw 17:56 Tagged bus

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